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Now slipform barrier wall specialists

With the purchase of 2 Wirtgen Slipform machines, we are able to provide the highest quality slipform barrier walls.

Slipforming allows for continuous barrier wall to be placed with results showing a durable yet joint-less finish. 

This method relies on the quick setting properties of concrete where the vibrating mould ‘slips’ over the concrete to form the desired shape, with the concrete holding its own shape until it has set.

Slipforming is employed for construction in large structures including bridges and highways because of the superior strength it offers at an economically affordable cost.

Slipforming is not only quicker to lay but offers better durability than extrusion. Moulds can be fixed under the machine or mounted at it’s side and it can operate moulds on both sides, to allow ECK to tackle your tricky barrier wall, SO Type 28 V-drain or no fines pad jobs.

Operating In Queensland and New South Wales


Our Barrier Wall Operations Manager - 0427 760 516

Jay is our experienced barrier wall operator and has almost a decade and a half of kerbing experience and over half a decade experience working on barrier walls.


Some of the larger projects he has overseen include:

Center of Smith Street

T2E (Ballina by-pass)

Urgunga bypass

Logan Enhancement Project (LEP)

Woolgoolga to Ballina (W2B)

Toowoomba Range Bypass

Smith Street Motorway

Jay has also played a part in many smaller projects. 

If you need barrier wall call Jay on 0427 760 516

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