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EastCoast Kerbing Pty Ltd was formed in 1983.  

Our Site Staff consists of 1 kerb & channel crew and 2 barrier wall / slipform crews, each with a dedicated Crew Leader/Site Safety Officer. Our current crews are the most dedicated we have ever had and they are very experienced, hard working, professional and honest. We have the greatest confidence in sending any of our crews to your worksite to produce quality kerb, channel and barrier wall. 

Our Office Staff are helpful, confident and accommodating. Nothing is too hard and we know the nightmare that WH&S documentation can be these days for project managers.  You can be confident in knowing that we will do our best to help you achieve your goals where we can.

Jay Matthews 0427 760 516

James Campbell 0403 740 237

Scott Sheedy 0433 182 349

Sol Peapea 0403 936 823

Barrier Production Manager

Barrier Crew Leader

Barrier Crew Leader

Kerb & Channel Crew Leader

Dean Armstrong 
0403 046 003

Kerb & Channel Managing Director 

Annette Aplin
0403 466 358

Barrier Managing Director

Cashay Lister 
0481 205 110

Operations Manager

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Kerb & Channel Quotes & Bookings:   

Deane Armstrong, Director
E:   dean@eckerbing.com.au
M:   0403 046 003

Barrier Wall Quotes & Bookings:   

Annette Aplin, Director
E:  annette@eckerbing.com.au 

M:  0403 466 358

Onboarding, HR & Accounts:   

Cashay Lister, Operations Mgr
E:  cashay@eckerbing.com.au 

M:  0481 205 110