livestock feed bunks on the Gold Coast

Concrete Feedlot Bunks 

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Similar to our other slipforming services, these commercial feed lots are extruded using our SP15 Barrier Machine. This allows for the feed lots to be continuously placed with results showing a durable yet joint-less finish. The exceptional quality of these feed bunks ultimately results in less ongoing maintenance and repair costs for your business.

Our Slipform machines are equipped with a custom made feed lot bunk mould. The machine uses vibrations to shape quick setting concrete precisely while removing impurities. The final product is more sturdy than prefabricated alternatives at a competitive cost, therefore a valuable investment for commercial farmers nation-wide.

East Coast Kerbing is committed to provide end to end support for all customers. We will take care of all aspects of a job from mobilisation to completion with open channels of communication throughout the project.

An investment in your business. Make the move to Slipform feed lot bunks and get ahead of the competition by contacting us today.

Scott Sheedy - Operations Manager - Quotes & Tenders

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