What's Happening at East Coast Kerbing

Christmas at East Coast Kerbing

Talk about being an Employer of Choice.

To celebrate our historic year, we treated our hard working crews to a day at Sea. A beautiful yacht named AKI set sail for an evening of bevvies and laughs.

We appreciate everyone's hard work this year and look forward to see what 2020 holds! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. 

BGC Testimonials

The words speak for themselves...

Woolgoolga- Ballina Project

Heads down, working hard!

A candid pic of the Barrier Boys meticulously finishing on the Woolgoolga - Ballina Project.

We are definitely starting to miss the cooler months! December - February are going to be scorching.

Throwback: Upgrade!

Oh how far we've come!

From our three work Utes in the upper image  to our shiny fleet of Ford Rangers!

Growth has been a focus of ours over the past 18 months and as you can see we've come a long way.

Very excited to see what the future holds for us here at East Coast Kerbing.

Barrier Boys hard at work

The East Coast Kerbing Boys flexing their Barrier Wall skills.

What a beautiful shot of our Wirtgen SP15 Barrier Wall Machine. Our team has grown together over the past couple of years to form a cohesive well-oiled machine. 

Take a trip down the Woolgoolga to Ballina Highway and have a look at the flawless Barrier that we laid from July - September 2019.


8 Reels of Strand = 24 tonnes = 23,340 meters
for our Wirtgen SP12 Barrier Machine.

The 12.7 mm stressing cable reinforces the strength in the Barrier Wall to bare extreme forces such as the impact load of a moving vehicle.

Thank goodness Director Annette Aplin was around to make sure the coils didn't fall over!

Barrier wall

Here we have the East Coast Kerbing night crew extruding the highest quality barrier on the East Coast.

This machine is so well designed it can operate without constant supervision from a driver. 

However having a highly skilled crew is vital to ensure the top tier quality that East Coast Kerbing extrudes consistently. 

    sLIPfORM      Type 28 V-Drain

A specially designed mould created by our expert Crew Leader Jay and manufactured by Alweld Engineering.

Shout out to Wirtgen for our fabulous SP-15 Paver Machine!  


It requires a highly skilled crew and East Coast Kerbing has gathered some of the most talented barrier workers Australia has to offer to ensure consistent impeccable quality.

We take pride in our work and it really shows!

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